23 oct. 2014


Et toujours mes fantasmes qui font du bruit dans ma tête...
Qui n'a pas l'envie de sucer ce garçon là ?
Non, Yann t'as pas une petite bite !

Mon fantasme : me glisser sous la table du plateau du PJ et m'occuper de l'entre-jambe du trop sexy Yann
Dessous de table (rêvé) sur le plateau du PJ


Lick that up ;)




Checking out this hot guy's asshole before fucking him.

22 oct. 2014

Why am I so addicted to Glory Holes?

Putting my dick in a hole and having no idea what's on the other side is kind of freaking me out.

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What's the protocol at a gloryhole? 
 I have seen little talking in public places where gloryholes are often found. It does happen but mostly stuff happens by sight and by a few standard protocols. 
1 If you want to be the person who helps the other person cum: Go into a booth; close and lock the door, if possible. Drop some money in the video machine. Sit down if the establishment provides a place to sit. Expose your genitalia and get hard. Wait for someone to come into the booth next to you or check the person out in the next booth by looking through the gloryhole. Don't be shy about this, almost everybody who is there is looking to be checked out by the person in the next booth. If you like what you see, stick a finger through the gloryhole far enough so that the other person sees it. If you are a married guy and want to tell the other guy you are married, stick your ring finger through. Withdraw it to show him you are ready to receive him. If you want him to use a condom, place it in the hole between you now. If the other person wants you to play with him, he will stand up and place his penis through the hole. If he does not, he will not. If he will use the condom you placed in the hole, he will take it now. Sometimes he will just want you to watch him play with himself. Recently, I actually had someone take the rubber, put it in his pocket and leave. Be prepared for anything!
2 If you want to be the person who cums: Go into a booth; close and lock the door, if possible. Drop some money in the video machine. Sit if you wish but standing up is the generally accepted indicator that you are not willing to play with anyone else. Expose your genitalia and get hard. You will find it more difficult to get someone to play with you if you don't have at least a half-mast hardon. Wait for someone to stick their finger through the gloryhole. If someone does not seem interested, err on the side of caution. Not everyone who goes to these places is interested in this. You can get into some real trouble by just shoving your penis through the gloryhole uninvited. Put a rubber on now if you want. Place your penis through the hole. Some guys will just play with you; others will suck you; a few will want you to penetrate them anally. 
3 If you want to take turns: If you stop playing with someone before they cum, and stand up with yourself exposed and hard, that is a general signal that you would like to take turns. That is, it's now time for him to withdraw his penis and allow you to place your penis through the gloryhole so he can play with you. Your best opportunity to make this happen is to find someone who is sitting down (looking to play with someone) and is willing to play with you (responds when you stick your finger through the gloryhole). This will result in one of two things happening -- the other person will either oblige or refuse. The typical refusal is shown by the person sticking his penis back through the gloryhole or by leaving and looking for someone else. On occasion, the person being played with will want to help you cum. He will signal this by withdrawing his penis from the gloryhole (usually before he cums) and putting his finger through the hole. If you want to be played with, place your penis through the hole. If you are not ready to be played with, stick your finger back through the hole after he does. Negotiate from there. There have been many occasions that I have refused to take turns and just wanted to make the guy cum. For example, if I want to go through a few guys that evening before I cum, I won't let the first guy play with me and risk cumming too early. I think some guys take it as a rejection and it is not meant that way. 
4 If you want to have anal sex: Follow the same procedure as above, except place your anus as close to the gloryhole as possible. When the person on the other side sees this, he will attempt to penetrate you through the gloryhole. You should shortly begin to feel him pressing his penis or finger up against your anus (or nearby). Guide his penis or finger to where you want it to be. Please note: if the other person is not at least 6+ inches long, this is a pretty difficult position and penetration may be impossible. You may have to settle for his finger. I do not recommend this activity if this is your first attempt at receiving anal sex. Invariably, you will find it difficult to relax the correct muscles without practice and may wind up getting hurt. 
5 If you want someone to follow you into a booth: Not every adult bookstore or theatre has buddy booths; but some still tolerate people sharing booths discreetly. You need a separate protocol for that. The clearest indicator that you want someone to follow you into a stall or video booth is eye contact. As you go into the booth, make direct and steady eye contact for a few seconds with your intended interest. If he returns the stare, go into the booth and leave the door unlocked. If he is also interested, he will open your door shortly. Usually if he is not interested, he will break any glance in your direction the second your eyes meet his. He should enter your booth immediately...if he just opens the door and stares, reach out and close the door, he was not interested. He just wanted a quick look. If he gets in the booth, expose yourself immediately. If he exposes himself also, you are ready. 
6 If you want to have sex with someone in a public bathroom stall: Another favorite place to find gloryholes is a public bathroom stall. Any public toilet might have a gloryhole. Good bets are highway rest areas, truckstops, college campus toilets, especially the library, and shopping malls. The protocol is very simple. If you want to play with someone and you locate a stall with a gloryhole, close the stall door and wait around to see who comes along. It really is that simple. It can also take some time to find a mutually interested party sitting in the adjoining stall. Of course some guys forgo the gloryhole and improvise. For this I suggest you go to a stall at the farthest end of the bathroom. Close the door, pull your pants down and wait. When someone comes into the next stall, move your foot so that you know the other person can see it and slowly start tapping it. If the other person wants to be played with, they will kneel down and place their penis under the stall wall. They might decide to join you in your stall, something that can be risky. In such cases if you have a large bag or something else that could be placed in such a way to prevent others from seeing 4 legs in the stall, it is recommended that you do so. 
7 What if the sex happens at a private gloryhole? In most instances, this private gloryhole will be in someone's home so you should follow the same protocal you would when visiting anyone. Be courteous and respectful. Don't do anything that might cause suspicion for neighbors and never arrive unannounced unless you've been told doing so is OK. While this is not a firm rule, usually when a person invites you to their private gloryhole you can expect to be the top and the person hosting will be passive.

Anyone got links to videos where you can really see a guys balls and / cock / or perineum / or hole, pulsing when he cums? One of my fave things to see - so hot!


I love seeing that contraction when a guy is cumming or better yet, feeling it. You might want to look for some self suck videos. Shot from overhead the contractions are usually clear and you get to see his hole, his perineum, his balls and his cock all pulsing in orgasm.

20 oct. 2014



José reviens sur CAM4, et son show est cho bouillant. Mais regarde ses doigts, le rapport 2D/4D est super bon , c'est l'indice que  José est hyper testéronné, look un peu ses couilles !!!


josé shott